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In the event you face any sort of property damage and it involves technical equipment not only can it be complicated to deal with insurance but it is also very stressful for the owners. Our equipment loss engineers can help make the process of post-loss assessments, verifying damage levels, reducing claim expenses and minimizing business continuity concerns, much easier for everyone involved.


Our team of skills consultants which include engineers (equipment, rotating equipment, industrial equipment, MEP specialists etc) along with our other staff are experts at quickly and accurately:

  • Completing a site assessment.

  • Predicting exposure caused by the loss of equipment.

  • Recommending precautions to get the business back up running. This is done in parallels to providing guidance to employees to how to safely get production back on schedule.

  • Supporting the client through the process of replacing/restoring the affected equipment. We also help the client in providing cost estimates, vendor coordination, warranty options and serving as an expert witness.

Our Areas of Expertise include:

  • Agricultural

  • Energy/Semiconductor

  • Food Processing

  • Healthcare/Biosciences

  • Heavy Machinery/Equipment

  • Information Systems/IT/Computer Hardware

  • Manufacturing

  • Marine

  • Power Generation

  • Printing/Pulp & Paper

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation