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Our solutions as they pertain to Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis are geared to answering the questions surrounding accidents, disasters and product failures with the intention to equip clients with the knowledge to put in place safeguards to prevent future occurrences. Essentially our experts focus on answering three key questions:

  1. What caused the incident?

  2. Is there a specific party that is responsible for the incident?

  3. What measures if implemented would prevent a recurrence?

Understanding that Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis can be further broken down we have built our team to include a wide range of technical experts who have the experience and knowledge to provide support on numerous subject matters:


Incidents or failures that affect electrical systems can be very damaging to business continuity and require rapid resolution. That is where we can help. Our experts are trained in swiftly diagnosing the problem and helping you get back up as quickly as possible.

Our Experts are familiar with:

– Electrical failures
– Electrical injuries
– Electronics losses
– Equipment failures/losses


Our marine-specific team is comprised of experts who really know the marine industry. We can help deal with complexities that arise when you’re moving large pieces of equipment, structures and products across marine services. We also have strong links to the community that supports marine services and can rely on their relationships to mitigate marine claim risks.

We have experience dealing with

– Ocean Marine
– Inland Marine


Sometime you may face product issues due to mechanical, metal or corrosion-related product failures. Our sophisticated analytical tools and techniques can help get to the root of the problem and we can conduct detailed material failure tests to help prevent the same issues in the future. Our analysis can help determine whether you experienced a corrosion, defective materials, fatigue or another type of material failure.

In addition, we have a vast amount of experience dealing with a multitude of different materials and can perform testing on all the following types of materials.

– Metals
– Ceramics
– Concrete
– Wood Products
– Building Materials
– Advanced Composites
– Plastics
– Coatings


Fire’s can result in very serious injuries, damage to property and sometimes fatalities. Given the serious nature of fire incidents, it’s very important to appropriately investigate all fires, understand underlying conditions that may have caused the fire and mitigate future risks. We have experts who are trained exactly in the requirements of investigating fire origins, causes and gaps in safeguards.

No matter what type of situation you are dealing with, we have the right expert for your needs and cover all key fire forensics:

– Electrical Fires
– Process Plant Fires
– Appliance Fires
– Spontaneous Ignition incidents
– Arson
– Wildfires


Machines are no longer a thing of the future. They are present at every stage of our life and we are constantly supported by key services, activities and opportunities that are heavily dependant on machines. Machines are complicated pieces and in the event, you ever have a machine malfunction depending on the type of machine you could be facing serious injuries, fatalities, process shutdowns and threats to business continuity. We use a prescribed approach to understanding the root cause of mechanical failure, the implications of connected processes/machines and help get you up and running faster.

Our experts are skilled in testing all types of mechanical failures:

– HVAC / Boilers
– Product Design
– Manufacturing, industrial and food processing plants
– Materials Failure
– Vehicle Accidents
– Heavy Equipment, such as cranes, lifts, excavation equipment
– Refineries and petrochemical processing
– Elevators and escalators
– Rotating Machinery, such as Turbines and Engines